Comprehensive guide to Wordlist Types

So I see people having trouble with Wordlist Types.

First of all let’s define what a Wordlist Type is. If you go to your OpenBullet 2 folder, and then to the UserData folder you will see a file called Environment.ini

Open it and you will see a bunch of wordlist types, for example this one


The wordlist type defines how the data lines from your wordlist will be separated and assigned to variables in your config.

For example in this case your line will be separated into 2 slices (USERNAME and PASSWORD) using a colon : as separator.

You will then be able to use input.USERNAME and input.PASSWORD in your config in order to access those pieces of data. While in the debugger, you need to select the correct Wordlist Type in order to split your test data.

In the config settings you can configure the supported wordlist types (you need to match the one you used when you made the config)


Please do not add wordlist types that aren’t supported by your config, otherwise it will cause issues!

After doing this, you need to import a wordlist with THE SAME WORDLIST TYPE of the config you want to run, in this case Credentials

Finally just create a job and select the config and the wordlist and it will run properly.

Let me know if you have any doubts and I will try to explain it better!