How to debug BAN/ERROR issues in a job

If you’re getting all BANs and ERRORs in a Multi Run Job you should try 2 things.

First of all, it might be caused by an incorrect Wordlist Type. I suggest you read this guide which explains everything.

If that didn’t fix it, you need to manually debug it.

  1. Go to the config settings and set the ban loop evasion to a low value like 10.
  2. Then go to RL settings and enable the “bot log” in jobs.
  3. Finally, run the job.

When a line is banned for 10 times it will go to “to check”. You will then be able to click on it and select “show full log” to see what went wrong. This is basically the same log you see in the debugger, so then you can edit the config accordingly to prevent the issue.