Problem with OpenBullet2, "To Verify"


I have installed OpenBullet2, I have made a configuration for my website using a service to resolve external captchas, I have selected a Worldlist, but when I try to run the job, all the attempts go to “To verify”.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? I leave some screenshots for you to see how I have it configured

I bet it’s a problem of wordlist types, have you read this guide?

Otherwise maybe you need proxies and it doesn’t work without them (I see you don’t have any proxies).

No, now it works fine, it seems that I uploaded the configuration wrong, but I still have the same problem that happened yesterday in OpenBullet V1, in XEvil it seems to be solving captchas, but in OpenBullet V2 neither the attempts nor the bad or the hits are uploaded.

I don’t understand what is happening

It still does not work. My worldlist is mail:password, and I have it specified in the wordlist, in “Mail”, but it still does not work. Everything is going to Error again.

I know you don’t support OpenBullet1 anymore, but it was working fine in that version until yesterday, and it’s exactly the same as it is now with the new version.

You have to check the environment.ini because the “Mail” wordlist type that I included only supports emails without passwords. Please read the guide again and make sure you check the Environment.ini



If you don’t plan to read the guide, I cannot help you further. Sorry.