How to connect guest Account

I have set up a guest account in a vps, but how do i connect to it via other ip addresses like access it in my local pc and share it with friends so that they can connect

Hey, make sure port 5000 is open on the VPS, then simply type http://vps_ip:5000 in your home PC and it will connect to the remote instance of OB2.

You can check if port 5000 is open (while OB2 is running) with a site like this


Shows Port 5000 is closed even though Ob2 is running, what to do?

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Either use something like this

Or open the port in the firewall as per this guide (works for internet too not just LAN)

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Yeah I tried using ngrok and it worked, was trying to get an alternative method for that, seems like Cloudflare is providing something similar too, thanks dude will try that