Your Openbullet online

Hi small tutorial if you want to access your openbullet from anywhere

1. Go download ngrok

2. Create an account and copy your token here

3. Open cmd go to path ngrok.exe and run command line: .\ngrok.exe authtoken YOUR_TOKEN

4. then: .\ngrok.exe http localhost:5000

you can open a browser and access your openbullet with the given url from anywhere Enjoy!


As an alternative you can use the now free cloudflared which is usually more performant than ngrok
The setup is similar to ngrok.

  1. Download cloudflared Releases · cloudflare/cloudflared · GitHub
  2. Open cmd and cd to the path of your cloudflared and run command line

cloudflared tunnel --url http://localhost:5000

and you also get an address you can access your ob2

Oh and something more individual:
If you have a cloudflare account with a domain, you can even use an own subdomain
for that you have to login once on this computer with

cloudflared login

browser window should open where you can login to your account and select a domain
(or if you have a system without a browser, then copy the url you get and login there)

and then you can do like this, if you have on cloudflare:

cloudflared tunnel --hostname --url http://localhost:5000

Cloudflare then creates a new DNS entry where you can access your OB2.
(This entry gets deleted 24-48h after you shut down the tunnel.)

Of course you can do even more fancy stuff with that tool. - like run it as service, have ingres rules and much more.