What Kind of issue is this in OB2 Native. Ruri kIndly Look into this

i made a simple config which check acc is valid or not. i made both on Ob1 and ob2 native where ob2 start getting stuck after 100 line check and slow where ob1 keep runnning as good , old is gold . i put same combo and same proxy but result getting very different.ob2 getting stuck…very serious problem…ob2 after checking 100 lines keep increasing banned and hardly check lines… where ob1 running as good 24*7 hr .so kindly check what issue is this…




What is Banned mean under DATA ? In OB2

This could be because of a ban if no match keycheck or in config settings proxy ban loop evasion is set to a high number suggested to put it to 1 to see if thats it

With the attached image being ob1, it is certainly a modified version of the original version. As for version 2 of the ob you really have to know how the verification blocks work to avoid having so many prohibitions

where is the documentation for ob2 , i need it .if available let me know.

i already played and did 3-4 setting , didnt help me out so i write support here , i check everything ,…
i wish ruri should make thing simple…

I’m pretty sure the config didn’t get translated perfectly from OB1 to OB2. Was it you who did the conversion? Also there is a guide to debug issues like this, and find out what exactly in the config is causing this (to pinpoint the error more easily)

i noticed one thing more in ob1 showing retries 186 but ob2 not even single retries what this issue , by the way i testout your guide didnt help me out…when it stuck at 100 around i abort and start again it run like rocket than again stop… i also set to proxy bot 5 still it get banned… what can be the isssue , config is made by me…

I’m really not sure, can you try with another config and see if it does the same or if it’s for this specific one only?