Terms of Use

This community was created to discuss about OpenBullet and help each other.
This is NOT a cracking forum.

You may NOT share illegal content on this forum, including but not limited to:

  • configurations for performing credential stuffing on websites (excluding CTFs and hacking challenges)
  • images or text with information on how to perform malicious activities on webapps you do not own
  • database dumps of hacked websites showing stolen credentials
  • stolen accounts or stolen data
  • anything related to credit cards
  • personal information about real life whereabouts of people in the community
  • pirated software
  • software explicitly meant to perform illegal activities

Failure in abiding to these terms will result in an immediate ban of your account.

The above applies to private messages too.

Also please:

  • keep the discussions in English, thank you
  • do not ask for money in your threads by posting your BTC address etc