Hello Im new user

Hello, im new user at forum, im learning about OB2, but when i download it from .zip i click on .exe to open, but it doesnt work :S

How to fix this?


Did you extract the zip? Did you install the asp.net core runtime? Please follow the guide

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Im doing it atm, but i made folder on C: Windows … named OB2, but when i text command on cmd, it doesnt work…

You said you were using a precompiled build (since you mentioned clicking on the exe), but now you want to use docker? I don’t understand. In the guide I describe 3 methods to get OB2 up and running, you don’t have to do all 3, you just need to do one, stick with the first if you’re a new user. Do not use docker, it’s for more experienced people.

Lol, im idiot :S what is the first method for noobs? x_x sorry i have installed asp.net core runtime

The first described in the guide, using a precompiled build. You just have to install the asp.net core runtime and then unzip the archive you downloaded from github and double click the exe, that’s it.

You can also search for OpenBullet 2 installation tutorials on youtube, there are a few that might help you.

lol, sorry for waste your time, i got right now, my error… totally stupid me, thanks, i have 1 question, here on this forum can i get Lovoo config? lovoo dating app… or not allowed here? sorry for ask

Oh, sorry, never again i promiss!! thanks for answer peacefully :slight_smile: