Support for legacy .loli configs in OB2

Many people requested .loli support to be implemented inside OB2. I am currently working on porting and integrating the legacy code inside OB2. The idea is that you will be able to put your .loli configs inside the UserData/Configs folder and upon rescan OB2 will convert them to the new .opk container.

NOTE: This WILL NOT convert LoliScript to LoliCode as they are too incompatible to even consider it, I am just adding support to run LoliScript inside OB2 so you don’t have to remake your configs.

The support will only be for editing and debugging plain LoliScript (no stacker, since it would take too long to implement). You will be able to run these configs in a MultiRunJob, but not create new ones as this format shouldn’t be used and does not support the latest blocks available in OB2.

Here’s a roadmap with the stuff I already completed


  • Parse
  • Request
  • Keycheck
  • Function
  • Utility
  • TCP
  • Captchas
  • Selenium


Native editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion (?)

Web editor

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion (?)

NOTE: Selenium blocks will most likely be implemented in normal OB2 configs as well, so if you were having trouble with puppeteer you will be able to go back to using selenium.

I’m committing to a private branch, when I’m done there will be another crowdfunding campaign and then I will commit the code to the main repository, stay tuned!



I restarted working on this and it won’t be long until I’m done. I will first let the beta testers make sure there are no issues and then I will open the new crowdfunding campaign.

After this is done I plan to work on porting OB2 to .NET 6 and adding support for HTTP 2.0, switching to BouncyCastle as a TLS provider, and debugging the issues that are currently present on github since I have a huge backlog of stuff to do.