Crowdfunding for legacy .loli configs support in OpenBullet 2

Hey everybody,

It’s been a long time since the last update, but it’s finally time to get back on track! As you might have read in this post, during the past couple of months we worked on support for .loli configs in OpenBullet 2 (both web and native versions). I’m now asking for some donations to cover the hours that we dedicated to developing and testing this compatibility update for OB2.

Here’s some screenshots



We also added selenium blocks to normal OB2 configs, so if you were struggling with puppeteer now you can go back to using selenium.

The source code will be committed to the main repo on github and you will be able to automatically update your OB2 instance as usual via precompiled builds.

Keep in mind that not every single feature will be supported since day 1. The following things are NOT supported yet

  • a few config settings from the old OB1 system
  • the MOUSEACTION command
  • the CFBypass block
  • selenium chrome extensions
  • random UA for selenium
  • step by step debugging (issue already on github)
  • the BOTNUM variable
  • OB1 block plugins

Since these were not being used much, I did not spend time reimplementing them. Please open an issue on github if you want me to add back any of them. We made sure to test everything else and it should all be working but if you find any problem (or discrepancy with respect to OB1) please open an issue on github and I will fix it as soon as possible.

How to donate

You can donate to this address (the amount left is tracked by the widget in the forum’s header).

You can also donate to the following wallets but the donations are not tracked, so shoot me a PM and let me know if you donate with these methods and I will update the widget manually.
ETH: 0xc22116Bcf6c30977bEdFcc03C5B6aAe90B0fD179
BCH: qq02mrtdp454g2zdu534ndpu7jgcr3tvavyzs60m3p


If you donate more than $20 worth of BTC you will get your nickname in the credits section.
If you donate more than $90 worth of BTC you will get access to a private discord server which has a bot that allows you to pre-compile your configs (only OB2 configs, not legacy ones) to DLL (so they can be obfuscated).

If you donated more than $20, PM me (or send via email to ruri [at] openbullet (dot) dev) the link to the transaction as soon as you make it so that I can verify that it’s you who donated the funds. Please let me know about the name you want to be credited as in the about section of the application (no self-advertisement or offensive/illegal names of any kind, I reserve myself the right to reject your name of choice if I find it unsuitable to be added to the code of the official repo).

Main goal (0.02 BTC)

After the donations reach 0.02 BTC, I will commit the source code and the precompiled build to github.

Thanks to everybody who will help us!
Stay awesome,



The crowdfunding has been completed thanks to a few massive donations from some top notch people!

You can go and update to version 0.1.27 now, please read the changelog after you update so you know what was changed and how to import .loli configs!

Much love :heart: