Remote Acess VPS

Hello ,

I have installed OB2 in one VPS, and the problem is i can’t open him, it appears to put http://localhost:5000, but doesn’t open…
what i’m doing wrong, it’s necessary open the door 5000???


I don’t understand, are you trying to access it remotely from your home PC or from inside an RDP session? Because localhost will obviously work only from within the same machine, otherwise you have to put the public IP of the vps.

I have installed in one VPS, and now I want access for my pc in the browser, but I have already try with the public adress, but doesn’t open…

In the foto i think that everything is alright…

You have to open port 5000 and then access it from ip:5000
Follow this guide it works just the same, except you have to use the public ip instead of the local ip in the lan.

It’s resolved, I had to open the 5000 port, in the security panel off the VPS…
Now it works perfectly….
Thanks so much Ruri….

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Hey Ruri,

Sorry to bother you, but the OB2 doesn’t work very well, the CPM start at 1000, and than came down to 25…
I need to change the Environment file, like we do when we install in the PC???

There’s no need to change the environment file unless there is a mismatch with the wordlist type used in your config. I would look into the quality of your proxies instead

Ok…I will see that…