OB2 API Settings help

Hello im facing this after setting up OB2 api on my pc i can connect it from my local network from any device like phone or pc but when i try to connect from different network or someone away of my home trying to connect he cant connect could you help me to fix this or guide me im just beginner at this part and im trying to make it thanks in advance


That’s really weird, it should work. The rules look fine.
Did you put an inbound rule for TCP 5000 on windows firewall on your PC?

Maybe you could also try to put on “External Source IP Address” because that looks like it wants a range of IPs that will be allowed to call the internal host from the outside.

Also please take precautions if you are going to expose your IP address like that, make sure you have an admin password set up on OB2 for remote access!

Alternatively, please see this thread to access OB2 without opening ports on your router

yes i did inbound and outbound firewall rule for tcp port 5000 but same result thanks bro its fine i changed everything after publish the thread to avoid any risk i will check this out <3
and i tried the “External Source IP Address” and got this


btw i tried both methods you mentioned me and works both of ngrok and cloudflared to me
and i want to ask you extra question if i would like to host this without using pc for like 24 hours so my friends can use it anytime without my pc keeps open ?

is it available and if its then what is the method could you help me thanks i appericate it bro <3

well if you wanna keep it up for like 24 hours without your own PC. You’ll need a server or something then. Something has to be online and running the program. If not your own main PC then a server, a spare PC, etc.

i mean im not experienced at this if so at server method could you explain the steps or mention me to something like how to make it from begin to end?