Issues with my config/userdata

Hi all. i currently am new to OB2 and tried too use my email:pass wordlist with my config however im all the way up too where i get a issue where lt says NotSupportedException This config does not support the provided Wordlist Type. l trled too change my envlroment.lnl flle all around but nothlng seems too work. lm trylng too do the cresldentlal one.

here ls also what my post data looks llke: auth=&gameClientVersion=3%2E1%2E5&password=<input.PASSWORD>&guid=<input.USERNAME>&ignore=24215

any help ls appreclated<3

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This guide will serve you.

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actually lt dldn’t help l trled my best too learn off lt but lts rather a example that doesn’t lnfer lf you catch my drlft

you need to set string as interpolated to use old “<>” ob style

that made no sense no offence