How can i stock browser data like authentification [puppeteer]

Hello Guys
i’m RifHut From openbullet family.
i need help i try to use whtspp puppeteer actions , all steps work good but the problem in browser data collecting , for exemple when i scan the qr code in the [web.] i need ever check to rescan it again.

Thank You Ruri for your great efforts :black_heart:

Can you be more specific ? I could try to help you

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Do you mean that OB need to get the QR code, then scan it and follow the link ?

If thats what your want i really dont know if OB can do it. But you could download the qr code, upload it to Web QR with openbullet and read the link give you and follow it.

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thank you for ur feedback bruh , but not that what i mean , my issue with whtspp qr code
u can view the detailed information in this link below.

hello guys thank you a lot my issue resolved i add this option --user-data-dir=c:/users/google/chrome/[your-data-directory-name]

thank you @allw0rld67 for ur support bruh <3 , my problem resolved , i wanted to open whtspp web app without scanning every time the qrcode by execut over user-data-dir