Custom wordlist not doing jobs

Hi again, well nearly finishing my very first project and the last touch is left. Can’t describe how it’s actually fun to work with OpenBullet :wink:
Anyway the script needs to change the emails with the custom wordlist


It all works just fine in the stacker. However when I try to run in jobs, it simply skips and not doing anything nor any error message comes up.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, glad you’re enjoying OB2 ^^ make sure to import your wordlist with the correct type, it seems like it’s not parsing the slices correctly.

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Thank you Ruri, I have selected this custom WordList Type in settings and saved it, as otherwise it would show “NotSupportedExeption” error . I also must inform you that the wordlist I’m parsing looks like this:

username1:pass1:[email protected]:emailpassword1
username2:pass2:[email protected]:emailpassword2
username3:pass3:[email protected]:emailpassword3

And it works in stacker and it slices perfectly :confused:


Please open an issue on github and post this information, I will definitely look into it because it’s pretty weird.

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Thanks, just done so :slight_smile:

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is that “Test your data here:” a Native only option? :confused:

Yes currently it’s only for native