Crowfounding goal for next updates

The whole community appreciates your work, and from my view, you should fund yourself for the amount of time invested. I suggest you to come op with an announcement regarding next OB update, with all the features it includes, and a goal for such features to be released to the public.

We would like to know little bit about this new OB update, and what is being cooked. Let us know.

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We all appreciate your nice work on the tool and your effort.
All await new upgrade on this tool and your upgrading information at your convenience. This tool needs to improve much bugs and bump up on the stronger.
Thanks, @Ruri

I’m currently only doing this as a hobby since I have a full time job that takes away almost all my time. The new update will include a brand new web client with an API to control OB2 via HTTP requests. That is the main focus of this update. I will also write a bunch of extra documentation.

There probably won’t be a crowdfunding round this time, it will be released for free when it’s ready and tested properly.


Can you please DM me if at all possible? Or reach out on telegram @OpenSourcedAdmin

I would like to donate but only have my card currently ( Its my own personal card - no fraud or anything )

@Ruri showed up long time ago and it seemed he has forgotten the tool :joy:

There are like 40-ish items on my Trello board and I’m going through them at my own pace. Once I’m done I will ask my beta testers to give it a try and we’ll sort out any remaining bugs.


dont understand what your attempting / struggling to get it

any update information? my bro
we are all looking forward to its bumping again

Super nice info. My bro, @Ruri,

Appreciate your nice hard work very much!!!

When can we test? I’m anxious

Hopefully this month, we’ll see if any new bugs come up.