Compute behaving weirdly and puppeteer issues



compute broke + puppeteer broke

working on 1 bot, first status was ban, and after that 99 times the same browser error happens - aborted.

With such huge numbers the compute block will not be precise since it stores the result in a float (it’s not precise enough to store the kind of value you are working with).
So in this case consider using C# directly to do the computation

long result = long.Parse(input.num) + 1;

As for the puppeteer issue, please try to google the error, it’s not OB2-related. Might be a timeout or something.

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thanks for the tip!!
c# has data type ‘long’ for such integers which works.

Yeah sorry :sweat_smile: I didn’t notice the value is so big that it doesn’t fit an int32
Edited the post above

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thats alright, thats what google is for
we cant always be spoon fed by you hahaha

regarding the puppeteer error,
ban status (or any other status except fail) isnt closing my browser and then 99 errors occur and data ends up in tocheck
i have selected quit browser in all statuses as i showed above.
so whats the issue there

Enable safe mode (a checkbox in the block) and try to manually close the browser if an error occurs (data.ERROR will not be empty and it will have the text of the error).

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ik i can just leave a ‘close browser’ at the end and that solves it but pointing out that settings dont work

The browser does not close in the debugger. This was done on purpose so you can properly see what the browser ended up on while debugging. That setting will only work in a job.

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browser doesnt close in the job as well… thats what i am trying to point out
its a bug

also please enable input to work in the debugger

Please read this guide

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ive opened a github issue regarding browser not closing on ban or error status, please look at it because my account is flagged for some reason so my issue isnt publically visible, thanks for your help

I don’t see the issue

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in the config settings, ive set it so that the browser closes after a ban or error status, but it remains open creating a loop of errors and data ends up in ‘tocheck’ just after 1 ban or error because of the following 99 errors caused by the browser not closing

thus, the data ends up not getting checked

No like, I don’t see the issue on github xD

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welp, i’ve already fixed it in my config so i am not bothering with github again i guess.

How did you fix it bro? im having the same exact issue

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Fixed? Or shud i tell @software

Please share your solution. Even if he doesn’t need it any more you never know who will…