[Br4uN] AWS4 Signatue Plugin (No longer needed, there is a block for this in OB2)

Hello, I made a brand new plugin!

OB2 Version: OB2 All version
Author: Br4uN_Tr
Description: AWS4 Signature (Nothing New this could be made using blocks also)

  • Reduce the amount of blocks in your config at least by 5 to 1
  • Easy to use wherever you need it

Readme: If for some reason the value returned is not the expected one, please PM

AWS4 UpDate

PluginAWS4.zip (2.9 KB)


sexy plugin to condense configs :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find the block. Where is it located? I uploaded the zip file and it was successful. But I just can’t find the block.

I read Ruri’s explanation here but it doesn’t show up.

You have to go up in levels (in the add block window) until you’re at the root (where you see the RuriLib category) and you should see the other category where the plugin is.


For me it does not work. I know the signature and the result is different. It is the same with the post of Fairy or of Ruri for OB1. I managed to get the code with an http block by sending the request .I received the code on one of my gmail accounts. It does not work every time, but sometimes .

Thanks anyway…

I understood the code is related to time (unix time) so it changes all the time.

when i try to load this plugin ,i m using 0.2.3 version
crash.rar (908 Bytes)
@Ruri @Br4uN_Tr

OB 0.2.x is based on .NET 6 so plugins made for OB 0.1.x (.NET 5) will need to be recompiled by their creators to work