How to generate an AWS4 signature

i need to generate AWS4 signature but on amazon docs it need 4 parameters
how i can generate with only two parameters (secret and times ) like this :point_down:

this Plugin need 4 parameters
secret key , date , region and service
in my case it only need two parameters ( secret and date )
is not change anything ?

Have you considered the fact that maybe 2 of them are constant?

no when i use the plugin (no put any text in service and region ) ,i only got an invalid signature

No, I mean, maybe you need the default values for those. Look up the default values for region and service and put those.

aws4 plugin return bytearray object how i can use it to parse in custom headers ?

You can use utility block Bytes => Base64 to get it as base64 string or Bytes => Hex to get it as hexadecimal string