Am I doing it correct


Hey I am just checking here if I am doing it wrong and if so what I am doing wrong if not then lmk I just dont wanna waste my own time Ty

My proxies all get insta banned doesnt matter which ones I use

Bro,Bro We see the accounts hide this @Jurre

Is that against the rules?

It’s a public combolist + the accs dont mean anything to me because I cant check them

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Ty will do sorry im chancing it

@WannaCry But can u help? all my proxies get insta banned

Look at your private message then I will bring you an answer

Try to look first if you don’t have a problem with your keycheck blocks they are the ones who can define a ban secondly have you tried to test your proxies with Openbullet 2 to see if it was good? then it can happen like for example me I have malware bytes it can happen that the antivirus blocks the connections to the proxies please check that too


the proxies dont work but idk where I can find better proxies

There are several sites to buy very inexpensive proxies and fast such as smartproxy,brightdata,soax …