Xacf generator

Hello, I made a brand new plugin! It’s my first plugin.

OB2 Version: 2.0
Author: @RXLZQDev & @bafomez665
version - x-acf-sensordata 2.1.2
How to get bundleid :

Find the app in the App Store and go to its page (for example, ‎App Store: Яндекс Браузер).
Copy the numeric ID that is specified in the URL between the id and ? (in the example — 483693909).
Insert the ID in the URL https://itunes.apple.com/lookup?id= after the sign = (https://itunes.apple.com/lookup?id=483693909).
In the file 1.txt which the browser will download from this URL, find the text “BundleID”.


XACF.zip (29.8 KB)


Seems now sooner or later ruri will have to work on more tls funstuff :smiley:


looks very good! thank you for making

bruh ur insane thanks dude

I will take a look and feedback.

Just saved me hours, thanks <3

thanks for this but it isnt working my end it doesnt download the script in full

Hope to see updated versions of this looking for a 2.2.3 version

hope i will able to use it thank you so much for yur sharing

I am happy about this plugin . saved me alot of stress . Can i send you a message for personal service of other plugins ?

Thanks for making such great plugins to save time.

where is the plugin ??

can you make it for version 3.3.2

bro when new update is coming . waiting for you.

Bro We need this Gen for each and Every Akamai, If you want do crowdfunding and im gpnna donate you 2k$

thanks for this man really excited to learn with this