What's the difference between invalid, fails and error?

Hey, I’m confused as to what the different meanings are when it comes to “invalid”, “fails” and “errors”. To elaborate: Does invalid mean invalid credentials and fail means that the config couldn’t try the credentials? If so; whats the difference between a fails and errors? And last but not least; what does banned mean? That the credentials are banned?

And does it look like I’ve got it working correctly? I find it odd that there’s way more errors and banned than tested.
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Hits = If you added the Success key in keycheck block it will be here

Fail = if you added fail key on keycheck block it will be here

Invalid = the Combo line was invalid or if you made the rules for combo line Like password length was 8 ,if doesn’t meet that criteria it will be invalid

Banned = in keycheck block if you ticked “ban key no found” that bot are comes here

Errors = this count will come due to banned , if you add all keycheck properly this two will reduce

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What about to check?