Wait for Response [Puppetter]

Hey Guys i was trying to capture the response of a request in puppeteer. But my URL changes for every request https://www.example.com/example/mobiliser/rest/channel/GwpValidateWYHFactors?timestamp=1636637740597 ( this timestamp is in milliseconds) is there any way to find a request using regex?

even if I generate time there will be a delay in milliseconds and the puppeteer will not be able to find it, is there any way around it?

try use “delay block”.

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No Use sir there is still some milli seconds gap, I think i will be needing regex to do that I think but I am not able to do that in the current Wait For Response Block

And one more thing is it actually possible to get request headers and Post data of the received request

here it only shows received headers
@Ruri any solution?

I’m not sure, maybe, I have to look into it a bit before telling you, maybe open an issue on github

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I have already done that dude, it will be great for Puppeteer if you can implement both of these Regex URL search and get headers and response Basicakky All whole of the request