Using Chrome extensions in Puppeteer

This feature is available from version 0.2.2+

  1. Install this chrome extension
  2. Go to the page of the extension you want to use, for example this one
  3. Using the extension you downloaded at step 1, download the extension as a zip archive
  4. Unzip the extension in a folder on your PC, for example C:/OB2/Extensions/DarkReader/
  5. Go to the config settings, and in the command line arguments of Puppeteer add this

where the path points to the folder that contains the manifest.json file.



If it doesn’t work you might also need

so baiscally
--disable-extensions-except="C:/OB2/Extensions/DarkReader" --load-extension="C:/OB2/Extensions/DarkReader"

oh and according to puppeteer/ at main · puppeteer/puppeteer · GitHub Extensions in Chrome / Chromium currently only work in non-headless mode.