Useragent c# code

Hello Everyone! , Hope y’all are having a good day
I Have a OB2 Question (Config Question), I am Trying to remake a code that generates UserAgent Of An Windows API Application, Example of the UserAgent
Windows/API (VALUE)
VALUE is based of an challenge code that you get by perfoming an request of an another site (Length of VALUE : 42 , Length Of challenge code : 10 )
i saw a C# Code Doing this, but i do not understand programming, i tried copying it on OB2 but i don’t get the same result, can anybody help me and thank you!
The Code that i found :

The Response :

Let me get this straight… you pasted C# code inside a script statement in OB1 (which supports python 2 or javascript). No wonder it doesn’t work :sweat_smile:
Use OB2 instead, it supports C# directly in LoliCode.

I pasted it in OB2 but it won’t work
you ask why?, because some of the code is missing, that’s why i am asking if someone can help me with it and gimme the missing part. or atleast explain to me what this code do

If you posted the code instead of a low quality screenshot we would sure be able to help more.