Use same proxy till its "BANNED"

Hey, since the title doesn’t say to much - I need help with a specific proxy “problem”. I pay for proxies… alot… more like a datacenter, I have about 20k proxies (pay as you go) and I wanted to know if theres a way to use a single proxy, till its like blocked or banned on the request and then it switches to the 2nd proxy and once its banned again, it will switch to the 3rd proxy, and so on. Is there a way for this? Because else it will just keep shuffling and using random proxies once the request is done. (costs alot)

Would be highly appriecated,

Enable “concurrent mode” in the job options so that the same proxy will be used by multiple bots until it’s banned.

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always out here saving my butt man, thanks my guy :smiley: but sadly doesnt seem to work properly with 200 bots i guess

Maybe try with a few bots and see if it’s working correctly, then see if the proxy is getting banned by one of the bots before the others are able to select it. Otherwise open an issue and I will look into it.

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