Translation + input not working, am i doing something wrong?

Hey, so i finally figured out a way to do the dropdowns things, but now i encounter other issue, when using this method, i had to make a translate function.
1: janvier
2: février
3: mars
4: avril
5: mai
6: juin
7: juillet
8: août
9: septembre
10: octobre
11: novembre
12: décembre

All the characters are right, copied and pasted them from the site.

But when i try to select them in the dropdown this happens:
December is there tho

This is the method i’m using:
document.querySelector(’#_useridentitydateOfBirthdate_month’).value = “”
It like inputs it, but for some reason it’s not working?

Sometimes the text you see in the dropdown is not actually the value. Please check the HTML source code and find the <option> elements, then check the value of their value attribute. That’s the one you want to translate to.