To check


Sends everything from wordlist directly to “tocheck” not sure why though.

Maybe first use the debugger a bit and learn the software do not post something like this 2 hours after release, you didn’t have enough time to read and figure out how everything works yet.

my bad ill fuck around with it

Ruri when I start the config it sends them all to check then i go back to the config settings editor and it automatically sets the skips to 68 (how long my wordlist is) and im only using 3 bots

Skip is the starting point in OB1, it’s natural that it increases it if it already checked all the lines. Did you test your config in debugger? Did you use the correct wordlist type everywhere?

i figured it out thanks for the help.

Amigo, yo también tengo el mismo problema, me manda todo a TO CHECK, sabes cual es la solución ?