Smtp Auto Connection Question


Is it possible to edit the road map of smtp auto connect? It is taking very long to scan and check all the possibilities.

What file can I edit to make it run faster? by scanning only a few simple preset servers that I set?

It’s the case of checking multiple different domain server names. I want it to check the following:

1.) mail. domain .com : 587
2.) smtp. domain .com : 587
3.) query mx and check port 587

This would help make things faster when scanning multiple domain servers.

I know limit the server to check only the preset like this will lower the accuracy of the work but it will save a lot of time. Running the default right now, I see some bots just will not end the process and no new blocks will load because the current bots are not ending.

Any help is appreciated, thanks !

Note: sorry for the space in the domain because it’s not allowed !