Hi @Ruri I was just wondering are you mad about Silver Bullet, because someone is using you Hardwork although this open source…
Cuz like many people prefer Silver Bullet than OB1

Is OB2 code Open Source???

Sorry Ruri if you get offended by this question (please don’t ban me)

OB1/OB2 are free and open source software with MIT license. Here are the repositories with the entire codebase

I suggest you take a look at the MIT license that I chose, which allows you to do anything you want, including modding and reselling the software.

People can use what they want, I just want to remind everybody that you shouldn’t trust any piece of software that you cannot see the source code of. That said, OB1 is out of support so I really don’t mind if people fork it and keep developing it under different names, I will continue working on OB2.


Wow, your such a generous man with no Greed…
Hat Off, Salute

Tho i have to add that it would be nice to give at least credits to ruri (and the OpenBullet team) and not badmouth him/them.

Like i even seen some modders who claimed they done all the work and were telling “original Openbullet is shit and ruri is a bad coder and they had to redo everything” and so on.
While more than 99.9% of the code is still from the original OB


I want to add OB remains the best and fuck SVB


Hi @Ruri , I’m glad to see that you’ve made an open-source program that i know it taken long time for it’s release, we’ve also credited your name in Supporters tab of SilverBullet app, we could use source code of SentryMBA or STORM, but your’s was open-source and user-friendly, that’s why we’ve chosen your made, the teacher pets issues are everywhere that wants to provoke you to start a fight between two teams, people have not supported us very well and we’ve many issues like time, money and etc, that’s why we didn’t have any wide advertisement but now we are growing up because of the people that liked SB app after long time, so if you wanna ask any question, I’m here to respond you, Cheers!

-Sincerely, Colduction (SilverBullet’s co-owner)


a big thumbs up for crediting. :+1:
SVB is really one of only a hand full of mods - like the discontinued Anomaly Mod - out there doing this.

Also one of the very few - that added useful stuff (which often can’t be included in original OB itself cause of legal issues)