Selenium wait for response (source) to load?

hi to all,

So the problem starts when doing keycheck on data.source and selenium doesn’t wait for the response from the server (after sending the request) , so the page isn’t fully loaded yet,… therefor no key to find yet.

I tried to add Deley block before the keycheck, and it works fine when I use NON headless browser, but soon as I turn on the headless browser, OB kinda ignores the Deley block.

Is there any method to wait for the response in selenium(after sending the request), and then do the keycheck? What would be the easy method to implement something like that?..

Try puppeteer. Something like the wait for navigation block is what u need try instead of the wait for response they are different. its in puppeteer should be in selenium idk I don’t use it much but they are pretty much identical in the blocks available in OB2. Puppeteer is headless by default I believe so therefore works better with headless features. Better all around too in my opinion.


use WaitForElement and target an element which will surely appear once page is loaded