Ruri What will you say about Silverbuller Pro which is paid?

As i recently see , SB Pro is paid version and they made it very noob friendly like ob1 , and selling at 99$, in my sense i only want to support original creator , but you made ob2 complicated which mean we have to learn from beginning and master it out , somewhere you lost our own members and they went to other modder ,its not only mean , even pro config maker not using ob2 , now it depend on you ,as your wish.

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You are free to use what you want, I will improve OB2 with time and add QoL improvements for end users but at the end of the day the choice is yours. I don’t make money from selling the program so I just do this out of fun, it’s not my job. I honestly don’t care if there isn’t a huge userbase as I would not be able to manage it with the little time I have. Also, if noobs don’t use the program it’s better, because usually these people just want to download some premade configs and run them without knowing what they are doing, and that’s just sad.


To be honest, any modded version of openbullet currently has close to no additions. In the case of silverbullet most of the features have just been copy pasted from ob2 and made a lot easier to use for the newbies. I do like the built-in (but kinda shitty) OCR feature but thats about it. It was hard for me to switch over to ob2 last year as yes it requires you to relearn almost everything but it has been 100% worth it. I see myself use ob2 to automate a lot of tasks even things that arent pentesting related. Such as file renaming, text replacing etc lol. I dont think ob2 can be more “noob friendly” than it already is and as ruri said maybe it should stay that way.


me too switching to ob2 is harder , need to relearn , but as ruri said it was in beta version , i was waiting for stable version than learn all basic , but ob2 has some issue too when i try to run lots of banned and retry issue i saw even on very basic config hardly 4-6 lines code …

I think switching from OB1 to OB2 was very easy.
Please explain what you find so difficult?

All of the changes, not talking about running pre made configs but learning how the entire software works.

ruri is amazing, I wish you always beautiful in work and happy with your life.
I find OP2 interesting, it improves many new things, I am very excited about it. Somewhere out there, many people are not good and many people are slow to work, the world has 8 billion people, let’s have fun together, do what we like work to our ability, right ruri :heart:


hello ive been interested in openbullet for about 2 years now and to be completely honest i still have not been able to make a config due to the lack of knowledge and the vieos ive seen show little or explain very little on how to make them if there is any chance i could get some help with understanding or be directed to where i can search or find the information i need would be a great help