Run ob2 on andrax Multiplatform (linux)

this may be will advanced for some inspire for others but i try make it simple as i can.

i come from pentesting and bug bounty background . i used to deal with huge scopes and this force me to use many ways to achieve my goal as ethical hacker.

so this is one of my secrets that may help this great community

ANDRAX is a Advanced Penetration Testing Platform for Desktop, Android and ARM boards!this will let android users use openbullet 2 with all features without the need for rdp or vps or any api.
this will let users do not need any extra staff or pay for rdp or ssh just using the phone .

the idea is install dotnet on andrax and i explain this in this video

second thing andrax come with gui and CLI interface you can use GUI interface through vnc app and use all features of OPENBULLET2

without the need to buy any ssh or vps or rdp .
this video will explain more details about the idea

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Sorry, i only quickly scrolled through the video, so maybe i haven’t seen it.
But where is the thing you promised?

I haven’t seen any android running OB2 and even more with complete features. - which means also puppeteer and so on.
How is/should that be possible on an android? - natively tho dotnet 5 doesn’t exist for android?
Or in qemu or other VM?

And how is the performance?
As you claim

without the need to buy any ssh or vps or rdp .

I mean i tested ob2 on a rasperry pi 3b+ (32Bit Raspian) which is comarable to the performance of many android phones out there - and i wouldn’t even dare to compare it to a 5 USD/Month VPS.

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i will remove the post and make one pure for android .andrax will be for light use not like ssh or vps . then i will upload new post again you are right meinname.