Restart wordlist when a block is executed

Hello. i want to know how can i do this:

the block is executed -------> combolist starts from first line

Other then adding a block to read your own file and going from there I dont think you can effect a job’s position from within the config

Will this ever be a feature? @Ruri

And since I’m already pinging you, is there a way to print in the job viewer page? I’ve tried data.Logger.Log() and it only does anything in the config editor.

You will be able to do this after the web API is implemented. Also there is no way to print anything custom to the job logger right now.

It would be fantastic if you could add the ability to print custom text to the job logger. These 2 features are something that I’ve longed for multiple times now.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!

Please, for the job logger feature request you should post an issue on github


I have also submitted an additional feature request. Thanks again!