ReCaptcha v2 solver

Hi everyone. It’s my first time trying to face captcha, since until now I didn’t have enough knowledge to handling other easy configs. I’m facivng with a v2 ReCaptcha, but this one is not invisible, but it doesn’t require for images verification either. I saw at the forum that could be solved through the invisible way too. I was wondering if would you be able to help me through this one, since I don’t really understand what’s the Sitekey and all that stuff.

This is the request needed for the solving part:

And this is the response:

I would appreciate if is easier and faster for you, and you can get some free time, if you could screenshare me through Discord(KingDaniels#9576) or Telegram(@DanieLsKing). But a plaintext explanation would be helpful too.

Thanks again <3 and if I can finally handle this I would compensate it someway.