Raw data

Hello everyone, how can you do this in OB2
REQUEST POST “https://www.myblog.com” Raw
RAWDATA “800100010000000c6765744C6F67696E496E666F000000010c00010b00010000000000”
CONTENTTYPE “application/x-thrift”
HEADER “Connection: keep-alive”
HEADER “Accept: application/x-thrift”

As I already told you in private, you can use this Building a byte array if you want to build your own byte array with both custom and fixed data.

for example how to do?


I’ll make a new block so it’s easier for you to see how to do this, instead of using C# code

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Thank you very much, you are the best

Please follow this issue, when it’s solved and incorporated in an update you will be able to do it

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