Question about sharing projects without possibility to debug them

Hey, first I would like to appreciate the work of this program developer and all the people participating too. I appreciate the effort so much, your software is huge, especially considering it’s open source!
I have a few questions, starting with the most important - is there any way to not let anyone debug my config? I want to share one, but I don’t really want to let people see the source code. second question - is there any documentation (detailed) for lolicode?

Hi. Thank you for your kind words.

For code compilation (and obfuscation) and anti-sniffing you had to donate during the crowdfunding phase of the project to get access to the bot that provides this service.

For the lolicode documentation you can click on the button in the bottom left corner of the program, the one that brings you to http://localhost:5000/docs/lolicode and you can find some useful pages there.

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oh, sad thing I’ve found this software like a week ago or so :frowning: it’s not possible to get this feature anymore? (obfuscation, anti-sniff) are you planning to sell OB or some addons (like this one I’m looking for) in the future, or it’ll stay open source even after beta?

It will stay open source, but I might reopen the donation thing again in a while (at higher prices than the original ones though).

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by donation thing you mean the obfuscation feature? what was the original price btw, I’m just curious :slight_smile: and thanks for quick answers as well, I appreciate it a lot!

You can read all info here OpenBullet 2 - Crowdfunding Campaign Start | OpenBullet

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I see, gonna wait for the next crowfund then, you deserve a lot for all the effort :slight_smile: about lolicode - I’ve checked all the guides linked in program few days ago, but I was wondering if there is more detailed documentation, it’s still perfectly fine tho, just gotta use my brain a bit more :rofl: being able to see C# code helps a lot, although being able to edit loli code and C# code at the same time would be so huge :smiley: I’m not really a programmer myself, so I’ve no clue how hard it is to implement such a thing though.

You can write C# in the lolicode editor. That’s why there isn’t much documentation about lolicode, because it’s mostly syntax sugar to avoid writing C# but you can pretty much achieve anything you want by writing C# code.

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oh, for real? that’s so cool then, lol! thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

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No one reads what Bulletta has to say :sob: it took so long to write

sorry for delayed answer, I actually read everything, but somehow haven’t noticed “what is lolicode” button in the corresponding section, rofl :woozy_face: Bulletta is very helpful and cute as well :heart_eyes: :smile:

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