Problem in block Http Request

Hi. the problem is in timeout milliseconds when i increase or decrease i get same result

What error are you getting?

If its a timeout from the url, are you sure its not because of the useragent or missing header/cookie?
I have a few urls that just wont respond if the useragent matches my block list which would do the same (give a timeout)

I need to increase timeout for bypass clodeflare but when i increase timeout using timeout milliseconds i get same result
exp : timeout milliseconds 15000 i increased to 20000 i get same time resulte

Your not going to be able to bypass CF unless you use pupeteer, the RuriLib or even SystemNet does not execute the JS on the page.

Think of it as a snapshot of whats presented on initial load.

The only way to get past it is use a whitelisted ip (Can be set in CloudFlare) or use Pupeteer (actually run a real browser)

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