Performance of ob2

Hi Riru, I congratulate you for your determination and the work you do
I’m a bad coder because I want my code to be as simple and powerful as possible and this requires a lot of time (perfectionist)

Now I want to ask you if it would not be more judicious to stop the development of Ob2 to make it more powerful? reduction of the memory ram, of the processor while being faster I find that your code can really be booster and asks that we take there be

simple example you implement the try catch in the config but it is very expensive especially that it is executed many times

here I let you think about my proposal

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I wish I had time to do all of this, but right now I don’t even have time to work on small features. The truth is that my job is taking up a lot of my time, and since that is what feeds me, I have to prioritize it over the development of OB2.

There are for sure lots of performance issues in OB2 that should be addressed, but I just don’t have the time…

it’s understandable no worries I wish a good future for you and ob2

if i publish on my git a remake of ruri lib do you think you can take a look at it ?

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Yes sure feel free to do that


keep going ob2 it’s the better tool

and u really genius :heart_eyes:

in fact im not good crackr cos that i dnt know everything about ob2

hope some tuto video from Ruri to know how to us e all properties are especially complex

thanks again and good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you ever considered to make a paid tool boosted version? You have been working years on this project, and despite you wanted to make this to the community, the community also wants to provide you back for your effort. Will love to pay for a boosted performance tool.