Option to not use proxy on specific requests

With this is there a way to do the opposite? Incase someone doesn’t want to use a proxy on a request

var oldUseProxy = data.UseProxy;
data.UseProxy = false;
// Block here
data.UseProxy = oldUseProxy ;

When im trying to add


above the lolicode, i got this error.

[IDLE] (8,16): error CS1003: Syntax error, ‘(’ expected

My code for example :

// Use proxy here
data.UseProxy = true;
data.Proxy.Host = “”;
data.Proxy.Port = 8106;
data.Proxy.Username = “test”;
data.Proxy.Password = “test”;
data.Proxy.Type = RuriLib.Models.Proxies.ProxyType.Http;
url = “https://whoer.net

Remove this line


and add it to the USINGS that are ABOVE the editor, there is a blue button to toggle the usings section, you have to put it there, NOT in the code itself… but anyways I’m pretty sure you don’t even need it in this case ^^

I see. But it seems only working with request, not Puppeteer, i only need it to work for a few blocks with Puppeteer

You cannot change proxy in puppeteer without closing and reopening the browser, it’s not something that is supported.