OpenBullet2 come up as a virus

Hello, I have a question for Openbullet developer, why does the new openbullet, “Openbullet 2” come up as a virus on my pc ? I did not had that problem when downloading the first version from github.

Hi, antivirus programs take a while to detect programs as viruses so that’s why you didn’t have problems with the first version. It’s useless for me to say that the code is open source and you can always check and compile it yourself because you already know that. The thing that is triggering the antivirus is being able to execute C# code in configs directly, which is not something the antivirus likes as you can easily run malicious code if you don’t check it properly. OB1 didn’t have all this freedom with the code, you were only able to execute stuff from a predefined list of blocks, without the possibility of adding your own code directly in the config.

I would suggest to install docker and run it with docker, you can find a tutorial here

This way, you’re in a confined linux environment and you’re completely safe since even malicious configs cannot harm your host system. Let me know if you have any more question.