OpenBullet V2 | First Impression | n00biE

So i got my hand on it just have to install e core runtime to run it on pc.

Full Guide here: Guide

Damn man,what a intro.i was looking for features and dude there really a lot new features and really unique feature.Such as .opk file as zip archive where you can upload a gif which can be used to help your custome show how it works.(i could be wrong as i am just got my hand on it.)

and more like guest mode,proxies,job etc etc.well i am still looking this beautiful beast.will update and help my fellow site mates with everything i can :smiley:

And last of all Man thanks Ruri .you and your team really done a wonderfull job.i really appreciate your hardwork.and wholeheartedly give thanks behalf of all OpenBullet User. take our love :heartpulse:

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