OpenBullet console and web 5000

Hey Ruri,other nice ppl.
when OB2 console (ubuntu 20) started i cant see web interface at :5000

i looked that in the settings there no .json responisble for the web version, so the web version in not implamented ?

and 2nd:
how add inputa data ( or ) to hits in my custom hit outputs? (this one error - Screenshot by Lightshot)

When running the web version are you running it from the same machine?

I think by default is only accessible using localhost, you may have to edit it from localhost/ to


NVM its set to

What do you see in the console, can you give a screenshot?

im start console version of OB2 (ubuntu vps), then start ngrok - Screenshot by Lightshot

when connect to ngrok - Screenshot by Lightshot

i can start web version in console mode OB2?

When you ssh into your VPS and start OB2 from CLI what is the output?

To start it you type dotnet ./openbullet2.dll iirc

- EDIT -

I think I understand your issue, did you download and not

If you did then thats the reason, Console is a CLI interface version only and does not have a GUI or web interface.

You need the full zip, extract it and go from there.

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i solved.

used only cli mod with “dotnet OpenBullet2.Console.dll --bots 1 …”
when start with dotnet ./openbullet2.dll web interface opened

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Glad to hear it, enjoy

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