OpenBullet 2 Native Client - Release

Hi everyone,

it’s finally time to release the new client. I updated the post with instructions on how to download it. Scroll down to find the instructions for the native client.

The source code has been pushed to the master branch on the official repository, so feel free to check it out and contribute if you want! Make sure to report any bugs you find. I will try to fix game-breaking bugs as soon as possible, but we made sure to properly test it so you shouldn’t find many.


Q: Can I transition from the Web client to the Native client and vice versa?.
A: Yes, it is enough to move the UserData folder from one client to the other, so all of your settings, configs, wordlists and database will be preserved.

Q: Will the Web client be dismissed now?
A: No, the two clients will be updated at the same time.

Q: Which config types does this version support?
It is equivalent to the web client of OB2 so it currently only supports the .opk config type. I will push an update that adds backwards compatibility with .loli configs in the next months.

Thanks again to everyone who donated!
Stay awesome,