OpenBullet 2 CLI

Hey guys, probably most of you didn’t know about this, so I’m going to make a guide.

I wrote a very simple CLI-based version of OpenBullet2, with very few features but still working fine for simple cases, which lets you avoid all the overhead of the GUI in order to quickly run a job.

For now there’s no autocompiled version so you will have to build it yourself. Simply follow the Compiling your own build section of this guide How to download and start OpenBullet 2 and replace the corresponding commands with the following:

cd OpenBullet2/OpenBullet2.Console
dotnet publish --configuration Release
cd bin/Release/net5.0/publish
dotnet ./OpenBullet2.Console.dll --help

This will display some help text that will let you know how to use the CLI version.

Simple POC CLI Implementation of RuriLib that executes a MultiRunJob.:
  dotnet OpenBullet2.Console.dll --bots 1 --config config.opk --proxies proxies.txt --pmode Default --skip 1 --wordlist
  rockyou.txt --wltype Default

  -c, --config      Required. Configuration file to be processed.

  -w, --wordlist    Required. Wordlist file to be processed.

  --wltype          Required. Type of the wordlist loaded (see Environment.ini for all allowed types).

  -p, --proxies     Proxy file to be processed.

  --ptype           (Default: Http) Type of proxies loaded (Http, Socks4, Socks5).

  --pmode           (Default: Default) The proxy mode (On, Off, Default).

  -s, --skip        (Default: 1) Number of lines to skip in the Wordlist.

  -b, --bots        (Default: 0) Number of concurrent bots working. If not specified, the config default will be used.

  -v, --verbose     (Default: false) Prints fails and task errors.

  --help            Display this help screen.

  --version         Display version information.

You will need a .opk file built using the standard GUI version of OpenBullet2.

This will probably be expanded in the future, for now it’s just a proof of concept, but I would like to know if you would be interested in more development or if it would be better to focus purely on the main GUI version. Please vote in the poll, thanks!


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