Ob2 self-closing

it happened to me 3 times today, I left it to scan in VDS, but after 1 to 2 hours, it turned itself off 3 times, anyone know why ?

Start it from the terminal with dotnet ./OpenBullet2.dll so you can see the exception when it closes.

if there is no exception like @Ruri said install screen (on ubuntu/debian sudo apt install screen) then run ob with screen -S ob2 dotnet OpenBullet2.dll

I bet my money on the fact he’s just double clicking the exe on windows, it’s throwing the exception and it’s self-closing


Which version are you using?

OB2 0.1.9
Windows operating system win 10

Please try 0.1.10 as I fixed some issues

I didn’t know it was 0.1.10.
I’ll update it right away

the problem continues.

Maybe it’s out of ram? Can you please start it through the terminal command so we can see the exception you’re getting? Because I think I already fixed the exception you posted above.

I will send you vds information as a private message