OB2 block "Is Displayed" In puppeteer

What Is the point of the block “Is Displayed” In puppeteer?
So It checks if the element Is on the page so It gives a true as output if the element exist but when Its not It gives me an error what normally should give me an false.

And In old OB If value or element doesn’t exist It would just skip and go through the hole process of the bot but In OB2 gives error.

I tried things In settings but nothing worked


That blocks is only for checking if an element is displayed on the page (as in, it doesn’t have display: none) not if it exists on the page. If you want a block to check if an element exists please open an issue on github and I will add it

Made github issue but u closed It almost immediately.
Will you still do It?

When you read Closed in commit XYZ means I already did it, and will be in the next update

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