Need help!

i use selenium in OB2 to check sign in page for example
when i use wrong user or pass i have error in the page but i didnt find it in the source
i need to know how to capture this kind of errors

@Ruri please help me i cant find solution for this proplem

There is no selenium in OB2, maybe you mean puppeteer? Use the Get DOM block and then do the keycheck on the output variable of that block. Or output directly to data.SOURCE

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sorry yes i meant puppeteer , but i cant find the error message in the output of DOM block
however the message is visible in the page

Then maybe add a delay or a wait for element block in safe mode?

i cant understand please explain

Maybe it takes a bit of time for the error message to display, so why not add a wait in order to get the DOM once the correct element was generated by the js code?