MongoDB Storage Option

Please @Ruri or @Pure I am being frustrated.
I hosted OB2 on heroku and every time I reload the page, all my settings and configs are gone.

So I want to save the UserData on mongoDB so that it will fetch the info from there.

Please I know very little about coding so where in the repo do I start?
Where do I put my mongo key and where do I modify the code to fetch and save userData to mongoDB?

Better still, you can just add the feature on next release. But i need help right now so maybe you can tell me how to do it, or send me a link or something. I’ll very much appreciate.

this seems more like a permission issue with heroku not being able to save files. Either that or you have it deploying over and over and wiping the slate. I would look into your heroku instance first and make sure its deployed and configured correctly.

Outside of that, an option to enable remote storage of settings and a remote DB isn’t a bad idea. I could probably add support for MongoDB if it’s something people want.


I have checked all the permissions and even asked chat gpt and it said heroku doesn’t save data. so i have to use mongodb.

Remote database is very useful for this tool because if the instance mistakenly reloads, thats a piece of work for anybody. Please @Pure can you just help me add the feature. Please. If i knew how to do it, i won’t stress you. please. :pray:

@Pure Please help us add this feature. I am having the same problem and I was about to post it when i saw this. Its very painful to see all those settings wipe off overnight.

Its a funny thing that a tool like this doesn’t have a remote database.

Aight, I’ve started work on adding MonoDB as a hit option

Noooo not a hit option.
The entire userData should be sent to mongoDB so that when the redeploy happens, the file will be served directly from mongo.

Redeploys happen so please it is more important than hits. The whole settings should be served from mongo. all configs and wordlist should go directly to mongo.

@Pure you can still add it to hits output but it is more needed for the userData and settings.

Doing all of that is more work than I am willing to put in ATM. OB2 Is not my project. I have personal projects as well as work I have to do.

I am mainly adding MongoDB as a remote option for hits because It’s something I was planning on doing anyways eventually.

Remote settings storage would require a refactor of the entire settings page / underlying functions. That is something that is up to Ruri and it’s up to them If they feel like implementing that. If I suddenly get a large amount of free time I might be able to work on that one day.

also keep in mind im not the developer of OB2 so @'ing me for features doesn’t really do much. I just create things I think would be useful for the program, or things that could help save time. Just because I happen to know C# and have the ability to help, doesn’t give me an obligation to. Nor does Ruri even have an obligation since the program is free. Things come out when they come out and there’s not really much that speeds that up. As I don’t think OB2 is the center of either of our lives.

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You’ll be surprised to know that my new job is based on OB2. Its kinda the center of my life rn

Either way. Here’s your pull request with MongoDB support for hit output

it never came out in the updates (tell me friend, can you add lines to be processed from the mongo too?

hello bro can you tell me how to use openbullet