Keycheck is not working on Puppeteer Config

Hi @Ruri

The keycheck is not working for me when I debug in Puppeteer config.
I am using OB2.
I am not sure what I did wrong.

Try shortening the keycheck and make sure you can goto the source code and find it as is

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use “Get DOM” Block before keycheck


As @ZEUS said, the text you’re looking for is not in the basic source code, it’s in the DOM so use the GetDOM block and then do a keycheck on the output of that block instead

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Thank you all of you.

I still have this error. Keycheck is still not working for me.

You have to use the output variable of the Get DOM block in the left side of your keys, not data.SOURCE anymore!

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Little trick that i do when building a selenium config is to PARSE the WHOLE source in a var before checking it. Of course you would remove that block when running the config but it help a lot for test purposes.

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